Why, God?

In the past few days, there have been two deaths (both females) that have really caused me and numerous others to ask, “Why, God?”

Things like this force me to pause and just sit at His feet, leaning my head against His knees and sigh…

I’m learning to praise Him in the valleys and exalt His name in the storms, but my mind and my heart still reel at the thought that sometimes things just seem so random and meaningless.

Before I used to ask, “Why them and not me?” And the answer was always, “Because I have a plan…you just cannot see.”

Whether or not the answer placated me was not the issue, an answer is an answer, you know?

But now I really want to ask, “God, how come? What is your master plan that you would allow a newly-wed man to become a young widower? Or a newly-wed couple to lose their first child RIGHT before its birth? How could you allow it?”

Not to complain or judge, but to understand better the ways of my Creator and King…(okay, mostly just to feel better!)

I just wish I knew.

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