I can’t remember the song title but I think it’s from Reflections at LAB or chapel…

“I’ve been waiting (echo)
For the Lord on high (echo)
I’ve been waiting, and He heard my cry.

I sing to let the people know,
That I have been restored.
Then they will see and understand,
And return to trust in the Lord!”

Great songs we sang 🙂

“Only You~”


New haircut. Mom’s idea. Second time in my life that her fashion/style choice has been cuter than mine, ahaha~


Finals season until 12/10. 12/10-12/25 is playtime ^_^ Sorta…still have meetings & socials to attend for Fuller.
But I’m not complaining~ Ah, Christmas season, I’ve missed you!

Christmas Day will be spent driving to onething in KS w/family.
New Year’s Day will be spent driving back home to LA.

I look forward to starting the new year more in love with Jesus and my family members 🙂