Funny Story about a Korean Queen Mother…

From a PhD thesis by Bokyoung Park.

The story of the mother of Chae, the Prime Minister of the Josun dynasty illustrates how women’s status changed with the formation of the uterian family.

“After Chae became the Prime Minister, he invited many senior officers to his house to discuss governmental affairs. When the meeting was in the middle of discussion, they heard a urinating sound in the Yokang [small in-room toilet] from the next room. Embarrassed and surprised, Chae angrily went to that room and realized that his eighty-year old mother was that person. But his mother calmly said to him, ‘If I gave birth to the Prime Minister through here, this is nothing’ (H.J. Cho 1988:252).”

I’m writing a paper about Korean women’s religious leadership roles and trying to apply it to today’s context of Korean Christian Church and somehow I fell upon this amazing story.

Wow, so I am a classic Korean woman. I always I thought my soft spot for crude, bodily humor was something strange…