I am…an Asian American Woman…?

I had tea with a seminary friend today who’s involved with a non-profit organization that seeks to support Asian American women leaders and we discussed the possibility of revamping the org’s blog. Funny thing is, as we talked about how that could be done and how we should strategize drawing in an audience, I realized that I haven’t the faintest clue about what it *means* to be an Asian American woman! I found myself unable to answer some really simple questions…

As an audience, who are we and what do we care about?
As a group, what are we like? Does anything in particular define us?
As a demographic, what do we have in common?
As a category, what are some of our unique characteristics, if any?

I guess it struck me as problematic today because it’s an area of my life that I’m passionate about, if only because I’ve felt marginalized and judged unfairly as an Asian American woman at times. However, for some reason it doesn’t seem all that meaningful (to me) to have an identity solely built around resistance to perceived injustice…it’s as if I need there to be some other significant (and positive) meaning and reason to identify as an Asian American woman. (Esp. since regardless of whether or not I identify as such, others do identify, even define, me as that!)

Besides having to face a few more stereotypes and obstacles because I’m not a part of the majority in power (white, male), what does it mean to be an Asian American woman? I can tell you what it’s not, but I have trouble telling you what it is. Maybe I should read “More than serving tea” to get started. I’m looking forward to the publishing & release of “Mirrored Reflections” by Young & Chloe as well 🙂

Well, at the end of our conversation my friend and I decided that sharing personal narrative was probably the best way to go, for now. If anything, inviting others to join us on our journey means something, especially when it’s a unique journey that we walk as Asian American women. It’s one that can’t quite be defined (for many if not most of us!) but nevertheless carries a unique meaning for each of us, setting us apart, yet giving value when we can share it with others like us.

Jesus, please help us figure this one out. For some reason I cannot explain, it seems to matter a lot…to more than just a handful of people. Honestly, I think You’re the only One who fully understands what’s going on here. Lord, thank you for loving Asian American women!


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