Seeing Seattle w/Angel(a)

Today Angel took me around to Kerry Park, Alki (beach), and U District 🙂 We played w/our Canon cameras

I saw a fedora hat I loved but it was $45 w/$22 feathers. A cute headband w/feathers was $18…sigh~


Tomorrow’s a visit to little Mt. Sy and Wednesday’s hopefully Snoqualmie Falls & the Yongs!

Thursday, I plan to see Suji @ Pneuma Springs YWAM base in Monroe, WA…and fly back home.


I have enjoyed this trip to WA much more than the first…probably b/c I have time to see things and I know better what to expect. 


What a blessing Angela G has been – literally, she’s like an angel in the way she blesses & cares for people. Lord, bless her socks off!

Exhausted…11:32pm bedtime ^_^