Is this me?

Is this me?

One of the less-than-ideal G2G Staff Headshots. Great photographer, but I’m the worst model, ever.

What have I been up to these days?

When I’m not in LA w/LS, Akemy, or volunteering w/KCCD, I’ve been Β in a cave (sometimes at home, sometimes at Pasadena at a cafe), working on my computer for G2G for the website & curriculum publications! On Mondays & Fridays, I’m in the Valley w/the DCs working on UMC / UMW stuff and teaching Business English πŸ˜‰ Whenever I’m not busy working, I’m all over LA county visiting with family & friends ❀ I admit it’s nearly impossible to get out of LA these days, but I do try! I miss my loved ones in South Bay, Inland Empire, and OC. SD & SF, too!

What’s new? Well, I have a job interview tomorrow evening for a potential position w/a well-known evangelism ministry, we’ll see how that pans out. If it goes through, I’ll be flying from Louisville, KY (for UMW Assembly 2014 to help Mrs. DC) to Charlotte, NC and back in LA on May 1st.

I always look forward to going out of town for a bit because it helps me get some much needed perspective. ‘Tis good to leave home for a few days to get some fresh non-LA air!

Though now I sorely miss my LA fam whenever I’m out of town for more than two days πŸ˜›