SpeShhhial Education

I get to proctor midterm exams for a few students who are in our special education program. I love these kids, but I am going to confess that it’s difficult for me to feel I’m adequately serving them! My patience, resourcefulness, and creativity run dry more quickly than I’d like to admit, and I marvel more at my friends in “SpEd” as they patiently and calmly instruct and guide these special students.

I am learning a lot from working with them though – one thing is that most students benefit from something called “redirecting” where the instructor directs their focus back to their activity, such as putting a finger up to the mouth and implying “Shhh” when a student repeatedly looks up and disengages from their work.

I find myself being in spiritual and emotional/mental SpEd as I have to ask the Holy Spirit to constantly redirect my focus and attention back to the activity He has assigned me for my learning and growth. My development is slow and lopsided, but the Spirit is so patient and creative with me, working with me non-stop to bring me closer to maturity and intimacy with the Lord.

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When did gold foil become so popular?

I love it ūüôā

I also love free, pretty printable & downloads!

And winter-spring 2015 fashion!

I walked into 2 stores (this one and that one) in the past week that were just spring in full pastel bloom with mint green, lavender, soft pink, soft¬†coral, peach, and gold/silver tones… I wanted everything XD¬†All my favorite colors, they just beamed at me from the shelves and racks, it was kind of like a relaxing color oasis for me to just stand around, taking all the pretty in ^_^

For now, I’m quite¬†content with my pretty work-appropriate¬†mint green chiffon¬†blouse¬†(which strangely, I couldn’t find a pic for on the Charming Charlie site!), beaded headbands (that were happily on sale, since I always thought they were too expensive, even though I’ve basically overused the gold one LS gave me to threads!), and these pretty pastel spring wallpapers for my laptop desktop ūüėČ OH, I seriously love that many of these designers and artisan/culture-makers are fellow believers ‚̧

Be Still by Julie Song
Be Still by Julie Song

Janet Jun, aka Smashed Saint, spoke at s.h.e. this past Saturday about the Artisan’s calling/ministry of creative expression and it was heady (did she go to seminary? sure sounded like it!) but awesome and HILARIOUS nonetheless. Her hair was turquoise, blue, lavender and purple, and she is so funny, confident, and authentic – what a joy to hear her share poetry, vision, and her testimony! AND I always love when Audrey leads prophetic worship – that’s always a heavenly treat for my soul ^_^¬†To top it off, Emily did eventually get to¬†join us, and though we¬†didn’t talk much, it was just wonderful to spend time with such vibrant and beautiful women ‚̧

*feeling so blessed & beautiful inside*

The Healthy Relationship pie chart

I enjoy reading these insightful blog entries by The Lovely Addict!

Girl Rebuilt

This is the hardest thing to understand, but a healthy relationship should not be based on LOVE alone. That’s when we tend to get ourselves into trouble. We think love will save the day, and love conquers all. IT DOES NOT. You have to like a person, you have to trust a person, feel stable with them, feel unintimidated. They have to be nice, kind, respectful, loving, they have to SHARE YOUR SAME VALUES…and you have to be all those things for that person in return.

When we take a look at the Healthy Relationship pie, love is only one slice, not the whole darn pie. So, in dating, push the idea of love aside, and see if you’ve got all the other things to build on. In my case, LOVE was not what attracted or sustained D and I in the beginning. And why should it have…

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Two quotes.

Four years later and I’m still learning this…

Reflections of a Redeemed Reprobate

“After a while, you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul, And you learn that love doesn?t mean leaning and company doesn?t mean security. And you begin to learn that kisses aren?t contracts and presents aren?t promises. And you begin to accept your defeats with your head up and your eyes open, with the grace of an adult, not the grief of a child. And you learn to build all your roads on today because tomorrow?s ground is too uncertain for plans. After a while you learn that even sunshine burns if you get too much. So plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers. And you learn that you really can endure? That you really are strong. And that you really do have worth. ==> People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered; Forgive them…

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3.18.15 Forgetting the Self in Prayer

Rabbi Eli Mallon, M.Ed., LMSW

It is not enough
to give my heart
to G-d
for my own peace.

I give You my heart
for the peaceof the world,
for every personin the world,
for all life living.

Every pain,every sadness,
every hurt and heartache,
I give You,
for Your healing.

I was sad one day. Turning to G-d in prayer, I found my greatest relief, my greatest ‚Äúletting go‚ÄĚ of all that bothered me, in forgetting myself completely and praying only for others.

Asking G-d for things is only a part of prayer ‚ÄĒ and a small one, at that. It‚Äôs called ‚Äúpetitioning‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúpetitionary prayer.‚ÄĚ

The higher purpose of prayer is for us to forget ourselves completely.

Petitionary prayer has the danger of going on for too long. It can turn into an endless recitation of all that we think is wrong and an unending begging of G-d that all…

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Considering again…


I’ve always had this wild streak in me, since¬†I’m one of those “free-spirited women,” to have platinum blonde, short (if not shaved) hair. These days Kelly Osbourne’s lavender mohawk’s been tempting me to go punk & pastel, but I also like the sleek look here of this Asian gal ūüėČ

I almost shaved my head on my last day in India, but wasn’t ready for the big change yet. Maybe this year as I turn 32 years old?


Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 10.46.38 PM

A New Me

e7e4bf937f69f1db546578bb64371b9cIt’s strange, this process called sanctification in Christian life. Does the bulk of healing and deliverance for the new Christian always¬†happen at the moment of salvation (as many believers seem to¬†think, if you judge¬†from their lack of interest in pursuing further healing & deliverance)? Or does the bulk of it happen after that leap of faith is taken? If we imagined the moment of salvation to be like jumping off a cliff, when does the shedding of your old rags, developing gills, and learning how to breathe like, swim like, eat like, think like, and live like¬†a sea creature happen? Especially¬†after having been a land animal your whole life¬†prior? I¬†don’t see how it’d all happen in an instant the moment you jump… I mean, it could, but most of the time, for most folks… I don’t see it as a magical Little Mermaid-esque Ariel mermaid to Ariel human transformation.


In my opinion and experience, learning how to be a sanctified, healed, and delivered follower of Jesus is exactly that Рa process of learning how to BE a new creation. You could change everything on the outside (like Ariel suddenly having a human body) but the way of thinking and perceiving, therefore living, will remain mostly the same until change becomes necessary.

I’ve been spending a lot of time researching, reading, and learning perspectives on relationships, identity, self-respect, resilience, health, and boundaries lately. Well, it’s been a few years (try 20+) since I’ve been¬†interested in these topics, but the intensity lately has been… try a minimum 2-3 hours of reading a day ūüėČ One thing that keeps coming up for me personally is that in order to be where I want to be in life and become all God wants me to be, I need to surrender control, face my fears,¬†embrace change and uncertainty, and this is optional, but ENJOY THE PROCESS ūüôā The ride, the drop, the roller coaster, whatever you want to call it.

In any case, it’s been tough, but I like these quotes that remind me of who I aspire to be – a woman of grace, strength, dignity, and most important, good humor ūüėÄ


I have faith that God is moving powerfully in me, in my life, in my relationships, in my communities, and in the world today. He always has been, praise Him (award for longest humanitarian mission in the history of the Universe goes to YHWH, clearly)! I also am developing a desire that I’d like to be set on fire so it becomes a burning desire, to go long and hard after Jesus, to put nothing else before Him, and to daily seek the Abundant Life and New Creation/Kingdom of God reality in my own being and life… and not give up when it gets hard or discouraging.

I will fall and get up, I will keep on going and keep my head up, because the Savior of the World calls me His Beloved and Friend!