Healthy Habit: Positive Affirmations

eaacf13dc9f0332bd8eaf93f06be5e21I have read a line recently that said, “Do not give up your personal power.”  I felt challenged as I reflected on how I have so often given up my personal power (aka my commitment to and my taking of responsibility for my Self.) How many times have I read the phrase “personal responsibility” but not really understood it? Goodness. I’m glad it’s finally starting to make sense in this thick (yet somehow so complicated & sensitive…) skull of mine 🙂 Thank you, Holy Spirit. I love this processing of becoming more self-aware and learning what is wisdom. Proverbs says that the beginning of wisdom is the Fear of the Lord, and that is something I want to cultivate and grow in my life constantly. It keeps me from getting off track and it keeps me sharp, realistic, humble, and open to whatever God wants to do. God disciplines those He loves, and I have been asking for it for a few years now – it’s a major battle daily, but I feel I’m situated and supported in such a way that it’s becoming a growing series of small (but still real) victories these days!


bed511f8212b57f9468857c74f1001cbhave made a commitment to myself to make a regular practice of self-care in the area of my thoughts by managing the inner voices that influence my emotions everyday.

The Positive Affirmations suggested in one workbook are simple but straightforward, and surprisingly/sadly not always the inner voice or lived reality for me.

1. I accept and love myself fully (God accepts me and loves me fully, which enables me to do so as well!
2. I am a valuable, amazing, and worthy human being and WOMAN.
3. I’m worthy of love, abundance, and peace (and I’d like to add: respect, considerate regard, as well as regular affection and attention.)
4. I allow myself (and position myself) to experience joy and peace in my life and relationships (this means HEALTHY BOUNDARIES)
5. I deserve healthy, caring, and loving relationships

I’ll have to print these out and repeat them regularly, lol… I want to add scriptures to these, as the Word of God gives POWER and LIFE to my soul!

I ❤ Jesus.


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