3.18.15 Forgetting the Self in Prayer

Rabbi Eli Mallon, M.Ed., LCSW

It is not enough
to give my heart
to G-d
for my own peace.

I give You my heart
for the peaceof the world,
for every personin the world,
for all life living.

Every pain,every sadness,
every hurt and heartache,
I give You,
for Your healing.

I was sad one day. Turning to G-d in prayer, I found my greatest relief, my greatest “letting go” of all that bothered me, in forgetting myself completely and praying only for others.

Asking G-d for things is only a part of prayer — and a small one, at that. It’s called “petitioning” or “petitionary prayer.”

The higher purpose of prayer is for us to forget ourselves completely.

Petitionary prayer has the danger of going on for too long. It can turn into an endless recitation of all that we think is wrong and an unending begging of G-d that all…

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