When did gold foil become so popular?

I love it 🙂

I also love free, pretty printable & downloads!

And winter-spring 2015 fashion!

I walked into 2 stores (this one and that one) in the past week that were just spring in full pastel bloom with mint green, lavender, soft pink, soft coral, peach, and gold/silver tones… I wanted everything XD All my favorite colors, they just beamed at me from the shelves and racks, it was kind of like a relaxing color oasis for me to just stand around, taking all the pretty in ^_^

For now, I’m quite content with my pretty work-appropriate mint green chiffon blouse (which strangely, I couldn’t find a pic for on the Charming Charlie site!), beaded headbands (that were happily on sale, since I always thought they were too expensive, even though I’ve basically overused the gold one LS gave me to threads!), and these pretty pastel spring wallpapers for my laptop desktop 😉 OH, I seriously love that many of these designers and artisan/culture-makers are fellow believers ❤

Be Still by Julie Song
Be Still by Julie Song

Janet Jun, aka Smashed Saint, spoke at s.h.e. this past Saturday about the Artisan’s calling/ministry of creative expression and it was heady (did she go to seminary? sure sounded like it!) but awesome and HILARIOUS nonetheless. Her hair was turquoise, blue, lavender and purple, and she is so funny, confident, and authentic – what a joy to hear her share poetry, vision, and her testimony! AND I always love when Audrey leads prophetic worship – that’s always a heavenly treat for my soul ^_^ To top it off, Emily did eventually get to join us, and though we didn’t talk much, it was just wonderful to spend time with such vibrant and beautiful women ❤

*feeling so blessed & beautiful inside*


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