SpeShhhial Education

I get to proctor midterm exams for a few students who are in our special education program. I love these kids, but I am going to confess that it’s difficult for me to feel I’m adequately serving them! My patience, resourcefulness, and creativity run dry more quickly than I’d like to admit, and I marvel more at my friends in “SpEd” as they patiently and calmly instruct and guide these special students.

I am learning a lot from working with them though – one thing is that most students benefit from something called “redirecting” where the instructor directs their focus back to their activity, such as putting a finger up to the mouth and implying “Shhh” when a student repeatedly looks up and disengages from their work.

I find myself being in spiritual and emotional/mental SpEd as I have to ask the Holy Spirit to constantly redirect my focus and attention back to the activity He has assigned me for my learning and growth. My development is slow and lopsided, but the Spirit is so patient and creative with me, working with me non-stop to bring me closer to maturity and intimacy with the Lord.

april desktop-final largedesktop LaraCasey_204_Laptop


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